Dry Ice

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Dry Ice

Dry-ice cleaning is a form of abrasive blasting, in which compressed air is used to blast dry-ice pellets on the target surface to remove contaminant.
Upon impact on the surface of the cleaning target such as a mold or die, the dry-ice pellets almost immediately sublimate (or gasify), leaving no blast media or solvent, which is usually left by other blast cleaning methods. It is a clean system without the need for recovery or aftertreatment of residue.

[Blast cleaning]
The dry-ice pellets used in this cleaning method are quite soft, producing minimal abrasion on the target surface. The impact of high-speed pellets crushes dirt or contaminant on the target surface.

[Sublimation cleaning]
The -79℃ dry-ice pellets almost instantly change from a solid to a gas upon impact on the target surface. The sublimation process expands the volume of dry ice almost explosively by 750 times, peeling dirt or contaminant off the target surface.

Soft dry-ice pellets produce minimal abrasion and clean the surface of base material.

Dry-ice pellets almost immediately sublimate upon impact on the surface of the base material, leaving no residue blast media. The costs for waste disposal or recovery after cleaning are eliminated.

○ = good

Cleaning methods No secondary waste Non-conductive Non-toxic Non-abrasive
Dry-ice cleaning
Sand cleaning × ×
Soda cleaning × ×
Water cleaning × ×
Hand tools × × ×
Chemical agents × × ×

Dry-ice cleaning and surface treatment are widely and effectively used in the following industries and applications.

This is compact, desk-top type dry-ice cleaning equipment, suitable for cleaning precision parts such as substrates and semiconductors.

  1. 1.Dry-ice powder produced from liquefied CO2is blasted over the target surface, removing particles and oil without damaging the surface.
  2. 2.No need for rinsing water, drying, or water-treatment processing.
  3. 3.Using atmospheric CO2, the cleaning system is safe, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-polluting, and environmentally-friendly.


  • Video and image : precision lenses / optical sensors / cell phone lenses
  • Semiconductors and electronic devices : SI, InP and GaAs wafers / photomask printed-circuit boards / hard disks
  • Others : art object repairs / removal of foreign materials from dies and molds, ceramics, and removal of burrs from battery cells.
Workpiece: carbide parts
Dirt: adhesive
Workpiece: film-type solar cells
Dirt: pattern residue
Before After Before After
Workpiece: glass plate
Dirt: fingerprint
Workpiece: substrate before mounting devices
Dirt: stain
Before After Before After
Workpiece: high-precision motor
Dirt: oil, metal powder
Workpiece: automobile parts
Dirt: solder residue (0.24 mm or less)
Before After Before After
Workpiece: OLED
Dirt: glass particles
Workpiece: liquid crystal terminal
Dirt: dust
Before After Before After