Oxygen Cylinder 40 Litres

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Oxygen Cylinder 40 Litres

Oxygen là một loại khí cần thiết cho cuộc sống! 


Air Liquide supplies liquid and gaseous nitrogen in a range of purities and concentrations to every industry. In the Oil & Gas industry, they require large volumes of gaseous nitrogen to purge oxygen and moisture in their blanketing operations. The Food and Beverage industry requires varying quantities of both liquid and gaseous nitrogen for food processing, packaging applications and storage and transportation of food products.

Various grades of pure nitrogen are marketed under the ALPHAGAZ™ brand. ALPHAGAZ™ 1 grade of pure nitrogen has a purity of 99.9995% while ALPHAGAZ™ 2 is ultra-pure at 99.9999%, perfect for critical laboratory and analytic applications. Both ALPHAGAZ™ grades of nitrogen come in compresseds cylinders equipped with ergonomic open caps and SMARTOP™ valves. Nitrogen in cryogenic liquid form is also available under ALPHAGAZ™ 1000.

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